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The Systems & Software Development Group focuses on supporting our clients efforts to create competitive products for their specific market. The solutions that we develop cover a full range of technologies including Windows 2003/2000/XP, Linux, Unix, and Real-Time Operating Systems.

Next Generation Systems Development

Based on the fast-paced dynamics of the industries we serve, it is important for companies to continuously develop and deliver leading edge solutions in order to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace. This has been clearly evident over the past few years in the migration from older legacy products to newer products based on Windows or UNIX.

Soma has provided the resources and the technology experience to help multiple companies migrate their products to newer generation platforms. The scope of our involvement will vary from project to project and is driven by the needs of our customers. However, Soma has the ability to provide support on the architectural design, feasibility studies, analysis of third party software tools all the way to the actual definition, design, development and integration of the final solution. The ultimate ability for our customer to succeed on these next generation system development programs is based upon a combination of:

  • Soma's team approach - both internally and with our customer
  • Soma's technical understanding of Windows and UNIX
  • Soma's extensive experience with C++/MFC and COM/DCOM
  • Soma's advantageous utilization of object oriented design methodologies
  • Soma's internal software development process
  • Soma's commitment to quality assurance throughout the process
  • Soma's flexibility in applying the right resources for the right task
Subsystems Development & Integration

Another key element for succeeding in this fast-paced market is to continuously evolve the capabilities of your existing products and to respond favorably to the needs of your customers. However, doing this is typically at the expense of your next generation product development programs. By working with Soma, you can better balance these needs by utilizing Soma resources throughout the organization.

For example, Soma's experience in Subsystems Development and Integration can benefit you if there is a need to add new functionality or to replace an existing subsystem in order to maintain competitiveness or to respond to a specific customer need. Examples of subsystems that Soma has worked on include:

The Soma Group Subsystems
Embedded Real-Time Systems Integrated SMIF Technology
Light Towers Microscopes
Vision - OCR / BCR Motion Control
Robotics System Security / User Access
User Interface Development Vision - Inspection/Metrology

Workstation & Database Solutions

Soma has developed numerous workstation and database solutions for our customers. These solutions cover a wide range of applications including recipe management, local cell controller, external SECS/GEM Server, yield management and image archival/retrieval. Our knowledge of systems level solutions along with our strong database capabilities make us an ideal candidate to work with you on developing your next workstation solution.

General Consulting Services Support

Finally, Soma can provide resources if you have a need for general consulting support. This includes high-level design consulting, training on technology issues, resource assignment (managed by the customer) to help through a tight period or any other reason that you may need additional support. Soma's flexible approach in working with our customers results in a win-win situation.