Services > Quality Assurance and Unit Testing

Soma's Quality Assurance (QA) group provides checks and balances to the development group by performing Unit Testing geared specifically to each project. Detailed Test Plan / Test Specifications are developed for each project in the requirements phase. This ensures testing procedures are tailored to each project specifically to provide the highest quality possible.

Quality Assurance Involvement Early On

Quality cannot be built in at the end of the process. Rather, it has to be engineered into the solution from the beginning of the process. That means that our Quality Assurance focus begins right with the Requirements Phase and is incorporated as part of the overall project plan from the beginning. Our goal is to provide the highest quality solution possible and this can only be achieved with a focus on quality throughout the entire process.

Unit Testing Built Right In

As part of our internal Software Development Process, Soma automatically builds in the ability to perform Unit Testing as part of the software development phase. This is accomplished by creating detailed Test Specifications, Test Plans and Test Scripts. The objective is to Unit Test the solution for the primary use case requirements in an off-line mode to ensure a smooth transition from the Development Phase to the On-Site Integration Phase.

On-Site Integration & System Test

Once the software development phase is complete and the solution passes the internal Unit Test plan, the appropriate resources from the project team begins the On-Site Integration & System Test phase. During this phase, Soma works closely with our customer to integrate and fully test the solution to ensure that it meets the agreed upon functional requirements. This is an iterative process with the end goal being the official release of the software solution, providing documentation and training the customer on the design and implementation in order for them to support the solution.

The End Result

The end result of this process is QUALITY. As a customer of The Soma Group, we guarantee our work and we can do that because we have built in the necessary components to ensure that our solutions will provide the highest quality possible.