Who We Are

The Soma Group, Inc. is a professional software consulting firm focusing on providing solutions and expertise to a wide range of markets and industries. Soma Group are experts in working with OEMs, product vendors, and companies requiring custom solutions, integration services, and assistance in areas such as; equipment and factory automation, data collection and processing, next generation systems development, hardware control, and core technology development.

Founded in 1992 and with over 17-years of experience working with a wide range of clients in several industries, such as Semiconductor and Life Sciences, The Soma Group has completed close to 80 person-years of projects during that time. Projects have ranged in scope from multi-year, mission critical recovery and next generation development to small scale complementary projects.

As a past award winner of Inc Magazine and Deloitte & Touche top 500 growth companies in the US, primarily for its extensive world-wide experience in Semiconductor Systems and Factory Automation, Soma continues to excel in it's expertise in other areas, such as the Life Sciences & Biotechnology arena.

Currently Soma is engaged in a number of Life Sciences and Biotechnology projects for companies based in Madison, WI and well as the Massachusetts area.

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