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Soma's technology background is not only focused on solutions, but on the actual systems that these solutions are developed on. Over the years, Soma has brought together a team of development engineers that provide us with an Extensive Technology Background which will allow us to successfully work with you in almost any development environment.

A focus on technology alone is not enough to ensure that Soma can develop a high quality solution which meets the needs of our customers. Therefore, Soma has focused a tremendous amount of effort on creating and implementing a thorough software development process. This process focuses on the critical steps all the way from Project Assessment to Customer Support. The key stages in the development process are outlined below:

  • Project Assessment - We assess each customer's specific situation by learning about their products, their markets and their applications so that we may fully understand the requirements of the project. Our objective is to provide the 'best' solution to meet your needs - whether they are technology driven, time to market driven, cost driven or a combination thereof.
  • Requirements Analysis - We work interactively with each customer to determine their requirements in order to create the functional specifications. With a solid understanding of the deliverable, an estimate of the effort to provide a cost effective and technically sound solution can be developed.
  • Design - Based on the requirements phase, we will develop the design specifications, perform design reviews, create test plan specifications and create detailed project plans which then sets the stage for a successful development project.
  • Development - Once the requirements and design are complete, we will finally begin the software development phase, perform code reviews, perform unit testing by a separate Quality Assurance group and provide full revision control tracking.
  • System Test and Release - The process of system test and release starts with on-site integration, system testing, software revision freeze, documentation review, training and transfer of knowledge. It is culminated with the release of a solution that best meets your needs.
  • Project Management - A key element to the overall success from Assessment through System Test and Release is a dedication to proactive project management to ensure that we deliver the milestones on the dates committed.
  • Customer Support - Finally, our Customer Support group specializes in defect tracking, problem resolution, change order requests, post contract support and overall customer satisfaction.