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Soma's Equipment Communication & Integration Group provides you with proven experience in developing and implementing the most advanced equipment automation solutions so that you may meet the demands placed upon you by the your customer - the semiconductor & pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

GEM Compliant SECS-II Interfaces

The utilization of GEM Compliant SECS-II Interfaces is becoming more of the norm in semiconductor manufacturing facilities around the world. Effectively implementing this capability per the SEMI Standards can be a challenging task if you do not have the practical experience of doing it over and over again. Soma's involvement in this area has been a key element of our growth in the semiconductor market as a provider of systems and software solutions.

Soma has a tremendous amount of experience in implementing equipment solutions that meet the automation needs of the device manufacturing community. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the key standards - E-4 (SECS-I) ; E-5 (SECS-II) ; E-30 (GEM) ; E-37 (HSMS) and the soon to be released Specific Equipment Models - along with our knowledge of the available tools for creating these solutions has given us an advantage in developing the most robust, cost effective GEM Compliant solutions in the market today.

300 MM Communication Solutions

In recent years, Soma positioned itself to meet the needs of the 300 MM SEMI Equipment Automation standards. During the early adoption of the standards, Soma was integrally involved in the design, development, implementation, and compliance testing of a number of these standards which include Carrier Management (E87), Object Services (E39), Process Jobs (E40), Control Jobs (E94), and Substrate Tracking (E90). Soma Group continues to provided these types of services today for a number of capital equipment providers.

Proprietary Communication Solutions

Even with the advent of the SECS/GEM Standards, many device manufacturing companies are still using proprietary solutions to provide communication from the equipment to the host computer. Soma has been involved in multiple projects whereby we have created custom solutions to meet these customer communication protocol requirements and then integrated these solutions at the manufacturing site as a representative of our customer - the capital equipment company.

Automated Material Handling Systems

Finally, Soma has extensive experience in working with various Automated Material Handling Systems and their integration into the manufacturing environment. This experience ranges from Wafer Stockers to Reticle Stockers to Parts Stockers, and includes the equipment development side as well as the fab integration side.