Benefits Provided by The Soma Group

The benefits that Soma can provide to you as a potential customer of our consulting services are numerous. Our expertise in developing complex solutions in time critical situations makes us an ideal choice as a development partner to supplement your internal resources. As a dedicated consulting services company, Soma is very flexible in how it approaches each individual project to ensure that our customers experience nothing but total satisfaction with their interaction with Soma.

  • Experience - Soma has the processes in place and the expertise to provide both project management and solutions development from start to finish. Soma will also provide regular project updates to keep you informed of the progress, therefore decreasing the burden on your existing operations.
  • Insight - Soma can provide insight into the potential issues related to a project, the various design options and the myriad of vendor choices because of its vast experience of working on multiple projects for multiple products. This provides you the benefit of avoiding costly errors up front because Soma can help to direct you with it's expansive internal knowledge.
  • Supplemental Resource - Due to the fast-paced nature of this industry, your software development team probably has too much work to do and not enough resources to complete the job within the time given. By working with Soma in a partnership mode, we can help you navigate through these issues by providing supplemental resources to your development team. By using Soma's expertise in it's core technologies, you can allow your internal resources to focus on the value added technology component of your products and therefore increase your overall product competitiveness.
  • International Experience - Soma has extensive International Support experience whereby we represent you, our customer, at your customer's facility. When appropriate, this provides you with the flexibility to send Soma as a company representative with the specific expertise required to do the job on-site with your customer. We have supported our customers throughout the world including North America, Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim.
  • Flexibility in our Role - Our flexible approach is also of benefit because Soma is willing to fulfill numerous roles depending on what is best for the situation. This could include Soma acting in the lead role for a specific project with resources assigned either from Soma only or from both companies. This could also include Soma acting as a support role to a project which is lead by your internal resources. Again, our objective is to exceed your requirements for completing the project on-time.
  • Flexibility in our Pricing Structure - Finally, Soma can provide its services to you on either a Time & Material Basis or a Fixed Price Basis. Many customers prefer to work on a Fixed Price Basis because it allows them to easily budget the funds required for completion of the project. On the other hand, some customers prefer to work on a Time & Materials or at times the project parameters dictate the need to work on this basis.